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British Prime Minister Demands Broadband Details from ISP
David Cameron is claiming that the British ISP BT has to give more detail of their roll-out plans. Perhaps, Prime Minister is miffed that rival Internet service providers can’t see whether there are different ways to fill a gap in the planned broadband coverage.
Police Could Place Banner Adverts on Infringing Websites
The entertainment industry now cooperates with the police and advertising companies to try and reduce revenue to online portals allegedly engaged in copyright violation. In addition, a new tactic has already emerged: police seems to be going to influence consumer behavior by placing adverts on such websites themselves.
Russian Social Network Changes Hands
Pavel Durov, the founder of the most popular social network in Russia and the former Soviet Union, VKontakte (InTouch), has just resigned as CEO of the company after 7 years.
Twitter Acquired “Social TV” Company
It looks like Twitter is developing its real-time TV viewing feature, as it has recently acquired two European social TV companies, French Mesagraph and British SecondSync. Although details of the deal were not confirmed yet, both companies, which provide analytics to broadcasters and advertisers about how people engage with TV, will be working out of Twitter's office in the United Kingdom.
Android Pirates Fighting the US Government
Two individuals accused of Android piracy have recently signed plea agreements with the American government, while at least one other defendant is not going to give up. The former owner of Applanet hired a civil rights lawyer and is planning on the offensive against the US Department of Justice.
Google Argues with Supreme Court
Google is trying to make the US Supreme Court overturn a decision of the Appeals Court saying that the company’s collection of data from unencrypted Wi-Fi networks isn’t exempt under federal wiretap legislation. Google insists that its data collection doesn’t infringe the Wiretap Act,
Saudi Arabia Blocked Major Torrent Sites
The country’s Ministry of Culture and Information has recently blocked access to The Pirate Bay, without providing any explanation. Aside from the largest BitTorrent tracker in the world, a number of similar portals were also censored, including Torrentz.eu,
Demonoid Website Resurrected from Dead
Demonoid BitTorrent tracker and website has been offline for almost 2 years, but now the service is back from the dead. Although the Demonoid tracker was back online a few weeks ago, now its website is also accessible. If you used to have an account with Demonoid, you can use your login details and see that most of the old torrents are still listed.
Turkey Illegally Blocked Twitter
Just a few days after the Turkish government blocked the popular microblogging service over failing to remove allegations of the country’s Prime Minister corruption from Twitter, a Turkish court ruled that the national block was illegal. However, the government still wants to keep it until after the election.
Spotify Considered the Idea of IPO
Stockholm-based digital music service was noticed talking to investment banks about the US stock market floatation. The experts believe the company can enter IPO an a few months.
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